Helen GladsonHelen Gladson is a fibre artist who loves to felt. Through the process of felting she is able to explore colour and texture and shapes. She dyes most of her own fibre so her colour palette is infinite. She uses animal, plant and even man-made fibre in her creations. Helen uses both wet felting and dry felting techniques in her art.

In wet felting, soap, water and lots of physical exertion are applied to natural fibers like wool, mohair, silk etc. This process fuses the fibres together creating unique pieces of material. Dry felting is done with felting needles. When you watch someone needle felting it looks like they are doing voodoo or acupuncture. The needles have barbs which matt the wool when they pass through the surface of the fibre thus producing interesting pieces of material or 3-D structures.

Helen feels that fibres will tell you what they need to become. Her job is to listen and create what is asked of her.